KING, Thomas (1)



[Trancriber’s Note: it is difficult to know if this is Thomas Sellom KING the 1820 Settler. Although the address is from the same area as most of the SEPHTON Party members, Thomas Sellom KING signed his will with an x, unlike the writer below. CO 48/69 at the National Archives, page 82, may shed some light on this. This document refers to a visit to England in 1825 by 1820 Settler William SHEPHERD. Thomas KING requested that his son F. PRIME of Spencer Place, Goswell H. Road be given free passage. If this request is signed by Thomas KING, then signatures could be compared.]


30 Percival Street

                                                                                                            St James Clerkenwell

27 Aug 1819

Honoured Sir

                        Having seen an Advertisement from your Office respecting an offer being made to those Persons or families who wish to go to the Cape of Good Hope as Settlers--------------------- I have made up my mind and have got nine more Families who wish to go with me and I will Guarantee them as to there going. Only wait an answer from your Office with the full particulars of the concern or Articles that we may be subject to.

            Any further inquiry that you may deem necessary to be made with the particulars as to numbers names ages and property shall be only remitted in return of your answer to this letter.

I remain Hon Sir

Your humble and obedient servant

Thomas KING



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